The United States is one of the most thriving economies in the world and surely when it comes to consuming their own they do it much better. Their cookies are consumed by them and with that there has been tremendous improvement in the production. Many new recipes are emerging and getting to choose the right one especially online can be a bit tricky. Here we are going to outline some of the most famous cookies in the US. 

Types of cookies in the US

Chocolate chip cookie

This is the most famous American cookie with its origin dated back to the 1930s in Whitman, Massachusetts. It originated from a restaurant called Toll House where a cook and the owner of the restaurant first served the cookies to their customers. Ruth Wakefield, the cook, later wrote a cookbook called Tried and True where she shared the recipe with the rest of the world. 

The cookie is made with milk and dark chocolate to give it flavor. It also has got butter to make it velvety. It is soft with touch but crunchy in the mouth to give that tantalizing sensation. 

Oreo cookie

This is a sandwich-like cookie with two wafers patched together with white crème filling. It was first created in 1912 and has since then spread to other parts of the world. In fact, it is now being sold in over 100 countries across the world making it the top selling cookie in the world. If you are considering buying freshly baked cookies online in the US Oreo cookie is a good option if it meets your taste

Fortune cookie

This cookie is made of flour, sugar, vanilla, sesame seeds and many other ingredients. It comes with a small piece of paper beside it which is the ‘fortune’. It is now being served mostly Chinese restaurants in the US though it was never a Chinese creation. It was first made by a Japanese café owner called MAKOTO Higawara who served it with tea in his tea garden. 


There are lots of other types of cookies in America like Black and White cookies, Bizcochiter cookies, Whoopie Pie cookies, Benne Wafer cookie, Peanut Butter cookies and Oatmeal cookies. When buying them online it is of much importance to stay safe and do more research on the ingredients used and whether you have allergies to them or not. Lastly, when Mary Macleods award winning shortbread ensure to buy from a trusted company for faster and safer delivery.